It Shouldn't Happen to a Radio Presenter: No 4 - Reacting to a Guest Faux Pas

27 Feb 2013 at 22:45

This afternoon I recorded an interview with best selling author Barbara Taylor-Bradford, which we’ll be putting out on next Thursday’s LBC Book Club programme. So as a well trained radio presenter, I thought I would trail it at the end of my programme tonight. With me in the studio were three MPs, including the Conservative MP Mark Field. We had all been in quite a jolly mood. Anyway, this is how the programme ended…

ME: And next Thursday on the LBC Book Club I’ll be talking to Barbara Taylor-Bradford…
MARK FIELD: … I thought she was dead…
[slight pause]
ME: No she most certainly isn’t! She’s alive and well, thank you Mark. Coming up next, the much better mannered Anthony Davis!

There’s not much you can say when someone does that, especially when there is only 3 seconds left on the programme!